Social Value and Community Engagement in Designing Future cities

In recent times social sustainability has tend to have a gravitational shift towards social value and community engagement. In the AEC industry, this drive towards more community engagement to deliver social values is framed in term of social responsibilities, and this is in itself a good thing for all stakeholders involved. However, there is a need to invite broader conversations that not only showcase the successes of such initiatives, but also critically reflect on the challenges and future of designing cities and urban spaces. There are many untapped opportunities to grasp and challenges to overcome in engaging communities and creating social value. We recognise that we are at the beginning of an ongoing and interesting journey which will draw knowledge from many disciplines and fields of knowledge but as well create a discourse in the AEC sector especially in the field of social sustainability. This sub-theme solicits papers that questions the ways we evaluate social innovation in the communities as a model for community engagement and design intervention, and to also question how the community and Innovative methods engage with the cities of the future.

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