Professionalism, Ethics and Leadership in the Built Environment

The construction industry does not have a good social image. This widely held perception has been as a result of instances of corruption; exposure of malpractice and mismanagement; poor quality of work, and the adverse environmental and social impact of some projects. These unethical practices and bad leadership of a number of organisation and professionals have resulted in a meltdown of leadership in organisations. Perhaps another angle to this discussion is that professionalism within the built environment is not recognised as fundamentally important and therefore receive less attention than they should. Hence, there is a broad sentiment in the industry that today’s professionals are not adequately trained to deal with the soft issues (management and leadership) on complex construction projects. In particular, education and training do not prepare professionals with an appropriate blend of hard (technical) and soft skills. It is crucial that a new approach to leadership that is ethical and grounded in the authenticity of leaders must be adopted in order to enable construction organisations to face the challenges of their businesses as well as reap the benefits that factors such as advanced technologies and today’s professional knowledge have to offer to organisations. This sub-theme invites papers that addresses the crucial role that leadership play in construction organisations in the challenging operating environment of today. It also welcomes papers that challenges the status quo of professionalism and unethical practices.

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