Procurement, contract practices, requirements for new regulations & reforms

The present pandemic COVID-19 has greatly affected the construction industry and methods of procuring buildings and services. Despite efforts made by various stakeholders in the construction industry in helping to ameliorate the fragmentation of the industry and its adversarial nature, the pandemic will consequently create more chaos in construction tendering processes and procedures combined with already existing complications. In recent publications, it has been revealed that contractual disputes have risen across the globe with more claims, extension of time and liquidated and ascertain damages due to the COVID-19. Various forms of contract under force majeure are getting complicated to deal with, in this pandemic. Hence, the need to develop an industry that will be resilient to any future pandemic and/or similar uncertainty. This can be achieved through a sustainable procurement and contractual procedure that will improve the industries productivity whilst maintaining a healthy and sustainable built environment. This sub-theme invites papers that address procurement challenges and strategies for the present and post-pandemic era.

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