Managing Projects in the Construction Environment

The construction industry plays a basic role on the national scene. Not only does it touch the lives of virtually everyone on a daily basis, it occupies a fundamental position in the national economy. Construction is one of the most information-dependent industries. However, in project practice, complete information of the project is not always available at the start of the project and this creates uncertainties and challenges in the process and the delivery. Project management teams usually have to find ways to manage these uncertainty and challenges successfully in order to deliver the intended project outcomes. Despite a wealth of research on project management field addressing these uncertainties, we still face unprecedented challenges in managing project in the different situations we find ourselves. What is required is a more sustainable and resilience project management approaches that will help the industry harness the advance technological tools and systems that exist today in order to address the uncertainties and the challenges we might face now and in the future. We invite papers in this sub-theme that addresses the issues of Planning, quality management, knowledge management, Conflict/disaster management, resilience management, etc.

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