Housing and Real Estate: What next for the housing and real estate sector?

Across the world, the housing and real estate sectors have always been a subject worthy of discussion. These sectors are known to cater for the spaces wherein we live and work. For instance, lack of affordable housing is a common theme globally. Housing shortages persist despite several policy implementations and significant investments. This is a serious issue as it affects our economies and well-being. With the prevalent problems surrounding housing shortages, accessibility and affordability, discussions are arising on how this impact can be curtailed despite the new uncertainties that we face in our economies and globally. The commercial real estate sector has also been greatly impacted by the recent turn of events. In most of the west, the rise of e-commerce started the disruption of the retail subsector with many household names experiencing negative cash-flows and exit. Although other sub-sectors such as the industrial sub-sector benefited from the e-commerce disruption, the balance and sustainability of the commercial sector is retarded. Following this is the current coronavirus pandemic which has unleashed a greater blow on the sector. These key challenges have become apparent and there is a need to rethink our strategies drive for building a resilient future. This sub-theme invites papers that addresses housing and real estate challenges across the globe, and papers that have developed strategies and solutions to understand the challenges the sector is facing during these uncertain times in different countries, in order to draw up a sustainable and resilient plan for the future of the built environment.

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