Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Technologies

As a result of globalisation and the evolution of industries, consumers and businesses today are rapidly moving into automated platforms in the most robust pace of digitisation. Further, the recent unprecedented public health crisis COVID-19 has hastened the uptake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies that help to automate everyday activities. AECO industry is not an exception of this digital revolution especially triggered/accelerated by the uncertainties created by COVID-19 pandemic. Firms are now seeking ways to restructure and reorganise the industry to adjust to the post-pandemic economic environment that will involve constraints on human interaction and risk mitigation regulations. The restructuring is predominantly revolving around ICT service requirements and pushing into a whole new world of digital transformation. This digital transformation triggered by the fourth industrial revolution include building information modelling (BIM), prefabrication, 3D printing, wireless sensors and automatic and robotic equipment, and Internet of Things. Such a shift would also give rise to societal transformation and changing behaviours. Despite these excitement and aspiration of these advancements, adoption of these technologies has been slow and less than promising. We invite papers to this sub-theme that addresses the challenges that organisations and projects are facing with digital and advance technologies in the construction field as well as offers solutions in form of strategies on how organisation can harness these technologies to their advantage.

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