Education and Training in the Built Environment

The role of the education and training in the built environment is not generally well understood or articulated. While this problem is not unique to the built environment filed, there are plenty of examples in a wide range of academic disciplines where the academic role has been fully articulated. But built environment academics have tended not to look beyond their own literature and their own vocational context in trying to give context and meaning to their academic work. Education and training can play a key role in imparting appropriate and contemporary knowledge through continuous curriculum enhancement to cater to the changing built environment, offering refresher courses, professional certification programs, vocational training, and other continuous learning programs. Curriculum and skills that supports the evolving built environment field and the ability to enhance it not only provides the required change for today but also establishes a process of evolution that would be able to respond to any subsequent changes in the future. It is also imperative not to disregard the fundamental academic disciplines that underpin our knowledge of the built environment. If we contextualise our work in these more fundamental disciplines, there is every reason to think that we can have a much greater impact that we have experienced to date. In this sub-theme, we invite papers that explore the context of academic work generally and the connections between education, research and practice in the built environment and beyond our field of study.

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