IDoBE International Conference

Uncertainties in the Built Environment: How can we build a resilient future in the new normal?

22nd - 23rd November 2021

Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University, Keyworth Road SE1 0AA, London, UK


There are so many uncertainties in our world today with COVID-19 being the biggest challenge, but definitely not the only one. In the UK, we have the added uncertainty of BREXIT, which has the potential to disrupt livesand the way we conduct businesses around the world.The scale of the challenge is compounded by increasing urbanisation and a growingglobal population,which is expected to exceed 8 billion by 2030 (United Nations, 2015), meaning massive needs for construction and infrastructure projects necessary for adequate living.

In this uncertain time, Architecture EngineeringConstruction Operational (AECO) industry matters more than ever, from building hospitals in just a few days for COVID-19 patients to the other extremes of skill shortage that BREXIT will bring the United Kingdom, as well as the migrationissues that this will exacerbatein many developed and developing countries.While the AECO industry is likely to be heavily impacted by the economic downturn generated by the COVID-19 crisis, it can eventually be critical for recovery, asthe industry is usually an entrance point for economic growth plans.Finding a solution to the current crises could help drive recovery while addressing the industry’s well–known pressing issues such as carbon reduction, supply chain integration, etc.

These uncertainties and challenges are likely to change the dynamics of the AECO industry on even largerscale than the previous financial crisis in 2008, highlighting potential stark divergences between other industriessuch asretail, food, etc. that have taken steps to adapt to and thrive in the new normal and the AECO industry that is stagnating. It is imperative that AECO industry must think through the move they can make today to stay ahead of the game in the post-pandemic. A faster return to business as usual seems unlikely for the industry: leaders and managers must first define and prepare for what the industry will look like in the new normal as we recover from this biggest challenge of our time.

The impacts of all these uncertainties on the built environment call for a strong coordinated effort from all disciplines within the AECO industry to play a critical role as we recover and build a sustainable and resilient future for our world.AECO industry has a vital role to play in a post-pandemic recovery of our society and economies at large. From a research point of view, it is appropriate and timely to explore and deliberate upon the state of AECO industry in the new normal around the world and consider actions for improving the situation and buildingaresilient built environment.

The IDoBE International Conference is unique in the sense that it facilitates discussion around the current crisis that are specific subject areas in the built environment field, with the goal of generating new knowledge and understanding, as well as forging and expanding new international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research network and partnerships. The organisers have no doubt that the Conference will offer a remarkable opportunity for sharing of research and best practice and for the meeting of people and ideas.

Conference Aim & Objectives

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to understand the challenges the built environment is facing during these uncertain times in different countries, in order to draw up a sustainable and resilient plan for the future of the AECO industry.

The Objectives of the Conference are to:

Possible topics

The papers submitted for the special issue might explore topics including the following:

Authors can propose and address any topics which fall within the aims and objectives of the conference.

Important Dates

23:59 hours GMT, Friday 30th April 2021

23:59 hours GMT, Saturday 31st July 2021

Tuesday 31st August 2021

23:59 hours GMT, Thursday 30th September 2021

Submission of Abstracts

Please submit your Abstract of 250 words and include up to 6 keywords online via the EasyChair platform – use the button below. Abstracts will be reviewed by the organising committee and partner institutions. Only the authors of abstracts that pass the review process will be invited to submit full papers. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 23.59 hrs GMT on Friday 30th April 2021.

Clicking this button will redirect you to EasyChair website. We use EasyChair to manage the conference.

Submission of Full Papers

Full papers must not exceed 10 pages of A4 paper andshould be in compliance with guidelines and a conference paper template, which will be made availableat the conference website. Each academic paper will be reviewed by two members of the scientific and technical committee. If the paper is accepted its author(s)will be invited to present the paper at the conference. At least one authorof each papermust be able attend the conference.

Venue Information

This year’s IDoBE International Conference will be at the IDoBE Research Centre, School of Built Environment and Architecture, London South Bank University, which is located in the world’s most dynamic capital, London, home to cultures from every corner of the globe, with over 300 different languages spoken. Right on our doorstep in Elephant & Castle offers a perfect base to explore London’s history and culture, from world-renowned art galleries, museums and theatres, to a built environment rich in architectural diversity

This conference is now online because of the lockdown guidelines by the Government and the University.

Conference Fees

Contact and Further Information

Conference Chairpersons: Prof.C.E.Udeaja, and Prof.O.J.Ebohon, Email:
Conference Secretary: Dr Upeksha Madanayake, Email:
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