Every two years, the Centre for the Integrated Delivery of the Built Environment (IDoBE) at the School of the Built Environment and Architecture (SBEA) runs a major international conference with our partners to explore contemporary challenges in the built environment research. This year, we are running a conference to tackle the aftermath of the current pandemic and BREXIT in specific subject areas of the built environment field.

Those who are actively engaged in research connected with field are warmly welcome, whether they are presenting papers or just attending.

The conference is an event where ideas are exchanged, acquaintances renewed, new friendships are made, and papers are presented. It is truly international, and we hope to welcome delegates from across the world.

Conference Aim & Objectives

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to understand the challenges the built environment is facing during these uncertain times in different countries, in order to draw up a sustainable and resilient plan for the future of the AECO industry.
Objectives of the Conference are to:


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